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Best of Biotech 2014

AWS_rz_bob_anzeige_A5_2013_13_15The international Business plan competition for life sciences “Best of Biotech – BOB” will start for the 7th
time in June 2014. Apply now and win cash prizes of more than 44,000 euros!

All participants can decide to participate in phase 1 and phase 2 or to directly enter phase 2. In phase 1, participants submit a business idea of 5 pages. The best three ideas are awarded a prize of €1,500 each. In phase 2, participants develop their business ideas into professional business plans. Throughout the whole process participants benefit from exten-sive coaching and feedback by BOB coaches and evaluators. At the end of phase 2 an inter-national jury consisting of renowned scientific experts, executives from the biotech industry and venture capitalists selects the best three business plans. During the closing event the winners are awarded a cash prize, 1st prize €15,000, 2nd prize €10,000, 3rd prize €5,000. Additionally, the Medtech Award of €10,000 sponsored by LISAvienna is designed for the best project in medical technologies.

Participants benefit not only…

from the money they might win but also from a professional business plan developed for the competition and the entrepreneurial knowledge offered in the workshop, One-on-One-Meetings and the coaching session. During the work-shop experts explain the fundamentals of en-trepreneurship, marketing, patent law and fi-nancing. Here, participants learn how a busi-ness plan can be developed from a “simple idea”.

In phase 1 and phase 2 the participants have the possibility to discuss their business idea or business plan respectively directly with coach-es in One-on-One-Meetings.

During the coaching session each of the best ten teams has the chance to work with experts on their business plan. Additionally, BOB participants benefit from networking with interna-tional experts throughout the whole contest. Please note that participation in BOB and the workshops is free. The official language of BOB is English.

BOB is…

a business plan competition focused on life sciences, covering pharmaceutical, industrial, agricultural and marine applications of bio-technology, as well as medical devices, bioin-formatics and “omic”-technologies. The contest aims at researchers and other creative individuals in both public and private organizations who intend to translate their innovative life sci-ence ideas into professional business con-cepts.

BOB is organized by Life Science Austria (LI-SA), a program run by the Austria Wirtschafts-service GmbH (www.awsg.at), the Austrian business promotion bank, on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economics, Family and Youth (www.bmwfj.gv.at). The contest has already been performed six times, resulting in more than 77 newly established startup com-panies.

For more information…

on schedules, requirements and past BOB winners visit our webpage: