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Our Services

Life Science Austria (LISA) promotes the life science sector in Austria on the international stage and is the first point of call for enquiries relating to it. We are committed to the development, growth and prosperity of the Austrian life science industries as a leading component of the Austrian economy.

In the home market, LISA is a resource for all life science companies within and all companies wishing to relocate to Austria. We see our role in helping companies make connections locally and further afield. We also play a big part in helping new companies get started through our Preseed and Seedfinancing funding programmes. Every two years, we run a life science business plan competition BOB –Best of Biotech as our way of fostering a culture of excellence.

On the international front, LISA also works towards Austria itself being a country known worldwide for the excellence of its life science sector. We maintain a regular and high profile presence at the leading international life science conferences and exhibitions.