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LISAvienna Networks with Russian Leaders

A high-level delegation of physicians and management staff from the Russian health care system is currently visiting Austrian hospitals and health care facilities. Last Friday, the delegation was hosted by LISAvienna. Seven medical technology companies from Vienna took advantage of this opportunity to present and network.

In a short presentation by LISAvienna, the duties and functions of the life science platform run by aws and the Vienna Business Agency on behalf of the BMWFW (Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economics) and the city of Vienna were described. The Russian representatives from the Ministry of Health in particular showed great interest in the organizational-structural characteristics and the approach of LISAvienna.Afterwards, seven Viennese companies took advantage of the opportunity to present their products and high-tech solutions to the high-profile delegation.

Many thanks to:

EMTensor GmbH – Serguei Semenov
Vasema GmbH – Peter Hagl
Tissuegnostics GmbH – Rupert Ecker
Medexter Healthcare GmbH – Klaus – Peter Adlassnig
Braincon Handels-GmbH – Davul Ljuhar, Thomas Schwan, Elisabeth Ljuhar
Carl Reiner GmbH- Herbert Murlasits, Dominik Lirsch
Scarletred Biomedicals – Harald Schnidar

The delegation’s great interest was confirmed during the subsequent networking. Each company representative answered a number of questions about their products and was able to establish important contacts. The training trip was organized by PROGRESS IV Management with the participation and support of the Institute for the Promotion of Economic Development (WiFi) – Chamber of Commerce of Austria. The international guests are still in Austria until October 10. In the future, LISAvienna will also invite Viennese biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies to take advantage of international delegations in order to establish contacts and to present their products and services.

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