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Production and Platform Technologies

Better, faster, cheaper

Austria has a wide variety of companies providing enabling technologies across the whole value chain of production processes. These range from Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) know-how for setting up pharmaceutical plants to companies producing plasma, special enzymes and other biological substrates and even stem cell products for the repair of bones, cartilage or muscular tissue. Close cooperation between universities, research centres and industry as well as highly trained and experienced local scientists, experts and technicians ensure the highest quality of products and services.


  1. Serving the pharmaceutical value chain
  2. Generics and biosimilars
  3. Suppliers, service providers and platforms
  4. Biopharmaceutical Plants and Processes
  5. Contract Manufacturing Organisations
  6. Labelling, packing, storage and distribution

Serving the pharmaceutical value chain

To reinforce its already strong position, Austria recently founded two world-class research centres: the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (ACIB) and the Research Centre Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE). The ACIB focuses on coordinating the applied biotechnological research of seven Austrian universities and around 30 international companies. The Research Centre Pharmaceutical Engineering GmbH (RCPE) is an interdisciplinary research institute in the area of pharmaceutical process and product development. The RCPE focuses on the development and production of pharmaceuticals using efficient, science-based methods, as well as their manufacturing processes.

These research centres reflect the pioneering spirit of companies across Austria active in pharmaceutical production. The many innovative technologies make processes more efficient, less costly and increases functionality, giving Austria the edge on the global stage.

Generics and biosimilars

One of the biggest domestic producers is Sandoz, a market leader in generics and biosimilars. The company is renowned for its world-leading production of antibiotics, including being the only large scale provider of penicillin in the western hemisphere. One billion patients per year benefit from Sandoz drugs to treat diseases like tuberculosis or bronchitis.

SANOCHEMIA Pharmazeutika is a specialty pharmaceuticals company with its own production facilities and outstanding levels of developmental expertise. The company is firmly established in the indication areas of neurodegeneration, pain, oncology and clinical diagnostics.

Suppliers, service providers and platforms

With established drug developers comes a need for outside support from suppliers, service providers and platforms. Austria has met the challenge with a plethora of businesses and related service providers such as suppliers of clean rooms, preclinical research facilities, reagents, prion testing, essential basic materials including glassware right up to GMP plants and GCP quality assurance. There is enough diversity in the Austrian industry to build supplier networks that are never more than one flight hour apart and can truly be labelled “Made in Austria”.

Biopharmaceutical Plants and Processes

A key requirement from global regulators is that drug developers comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in their production facilities. One of the oldest and best known companies supporting the construction and development of such facilities is VogelbuschA worldwide provider of innovative solutions for the biotechnology industry, Vogelbusch plans and builds plants for the biopharmaceutical industry.

VTU Engineering is an expert in the construction of pharmaceutical plants. VTU Technology is a leading contract research and development company providing services for the fast-track generation of high performance, industrial protein production strains and processes. VTU uses its technical know-how across a wide variety of areas such as API synthesis, fermentation with cells, blood plasma fractioning, lyophilisation or treatment of exhaust air.

The GMP manufacture of biological materials has to be conducted in such a way that no contaminants are introduced and the highest standards of biosafety are maintained. Mycosafe and ViruSure both specialise in testing for contaminants, allowing quality assurance of the highest standard. Mycosafe is one of the first businesses in Europe specialising in GMP-compliant quality control testing for the detection of mycoplasma contaminations. ViruSure is a specialist in virus and prion safety testing of biopharmaceutical products at GMP and GLP standards.Another specialist in the removal of prion and viral contamination is HÄMOSAN offering services in transfer and performance of purification protocols and validation experiments.

Evercyte focuses on the acceleration and cost reduction of drug discovery and development by introducing the concept of “pharmacocellomics™”. The company develops, manufactures and commercialises various single cell lines or panels of immortalised human cell strains for drug screening purposes.

Contract Manufacturing Organisations

For companies looking to outsource production, Austria has its own home-grown Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CMOs) as well. Biomay, for example, is certified for GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals such as recombinant proteins, plasmid DNA, allergens and antibody fragments which are produced in E. coli or other microbial expression systems. In the field of plasmid DNA manufacturing, Biomay offers CMO services which are based on Boehringer Ingelheim’s validated pDNA production technology.

Polymun is developing and manufacturing a whole range of biopharmaceuticals as well as liposomal formulations.

Riviera has developed into a sophisticated manufacturing firm. Production, bottling, raw material storage and wash rooms are tailored to integrate needs in a clean room functionality and offer exceptional hygiene requirements according to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

EUCODIS Bioscience on the other hand, is an application-driven, enzyme-engineering company with customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics and other industries.

Labelling, packing, storage and distribution

At the very end of the pharmaceutical value chain, when products are ready to be positioned for the market, are companies such as ABF Pharmaceutical Services or the Assign Group. ABF is a GMP accredited specialist in labelling, packing, storage and distribution of Investigational Medicinal Products as well as a provider of central lab services. Clinical trial management Phase I to IV, medical writing, data management and IMP handling are handled by Assign and its subsidiaries.