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Medical Devices

The Austrian Medical Device Sector 2015

High resolution close up image of a microscopeWith a constant stream of new developments, medical device in Austria is a sector which focuses not only on the present but also on the future of health care. In spite of this long history and a remarkable number of long-established companies, the sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years. There has been a whole string of new start-ups particularly in the last two decades. The average company is 17 years old – and the rejuvenation continues.

In for innovation: 487 companies, 25,160 employees

Taking a broad perspective, a total of 487 companies are active in the field of medical devices. This number includes the so-called 132 ‘research, development and manufacturing companies (RDM-companies)’ which are divided into the ‘dedicated medical device companies’ and the ‘other medical device companies’. As it was also the case two years ago, the information collected about these primary companies was based on GMDN guidelines. Another major part of the medical device business in Austria is related to suppliers, service providers and sales companies. The total number of these firms adds up to 355.

With a total of 25,160 employees, all the medical device companies taken together are also a key economic factor. In 2014, the combined turnover of the sector was at 7.46 billion euros. 2.32 billion euros of this was generated by the RDM-companies, 5.14 billion euros by the suppliers, service providers and sales companies.

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