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Academic research and education

Research builds the foundation for the sector

Austria’s life science sector capitalizes on the fully fledged academic life science landscape in the country. A total of 55 institutions, varying in size, have diverse activities in life science research. Due to the broad range of the sector, many disciplines are involved: the expertise lies, in particu-lar, in biological, medical and health sciences, veterinary medicine, agricultural, environmental or industrial biotech-nology, bio informatics and medical engineering.

Altogether, 17 universities, 13 universities of applied sciences and 25 non-university research institutes are active in research and teaching in the life sciences. Moreover, it is a nurturing environment for new commercial activities. Within this report, a total of 52 institutions gave specifications on their life science related staff. According to this, more than 21,000 employees – of which 58% have a scientific background – were working in the Austrian academic life science sector in 2017. At 55.3%, the proportion of female staff remains at a high Level.

Life science budget of 1.55 billion euros With respect to the overall life science budget in the academic field, the report analyzed data made available by 42 institutions. In 2017, this group alone had a specific life science budget of 1.55 billion euros dedicated to teaching, research, administration and infrastructure. About 73.5% of the budget (1.14 billion euros) stems from institutional funding, whereas 26.5% (412.2 million euros) represents third-party funds.

You can learn more about the Austrian Research Sector in the Life Science Report Austria 2018.